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Congratulations! Your book is almost ready to publish. Whether it’s your first or twentieth book, enticing a reader to buy your book relies on an eye-catching cover image as well as an intriguing blurb.

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes it can feel like writing the book is the easy part! It doesn’t matter if you’ve written the best book since Harry Potter or Big Little Lies, if you can’t encourage a reader to hit the ‘buy’ button, all your hard work will go unnoticed.

That’s where I can help.

Book blurbs are what I do

I write book blurbs for publishers, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors, and up-and-coming indie authors. Established in 2019, I lost count of how many blurbs I’ve written once I hit three figures!

I’ve published a non-fiction book on Writing Book Blurbs That Sell, and I’m also an experienced speaker who has presented at the 2021 Romance Writers of Australia annual conference. If you would like to chat to me about speaking on the topic of book blurbs at your next writing event, please contact me here.

As well as being a blurb writer, I’m an awarded contemporary romance author and marketing professional with over twenty years of experience. For more than a decade I worked as a freelance marketing copywriter writing sales and marketing copy about everything from financial services to wine (and yes, writing about wine is more fun).

I’ve worked for agencies as well as in-house creative departments of large corporates where I was required to produce sales copy all day, every day, and did I mention deadlines?

Writing concise, attention-grabbing copy with a definite call to action has become as natural to me as breathing. I also appreciate the importance of a solid brief, because trust me, if the brief isn’t any good, the copy won’t be either.

These days, my main focus is on helping authors and publishers to create book blurbs, because nothing beats helping authors to sell their books!

What sort of book blurbs do I write?

I write romance book blurbs, suspense book blurbs, thriller book blurbs, cozy fiction book blurbs, mystery book blurbs, fantasy book blurbs, paranormal book blurbs, non-fiction book blurbs and more!

You can see a sample of a few of my book blurbs further below. Plus, you can view the book blurbs for my own books elsewhere on this website.


“Creating a convincing blurb is one of the most difficult aspects of publishing a book, as any author will tell you, since the art of blurb writing is so different from fiction! But Belinda really helped capture the essence of my novel and was able to break down my quite complex story into a structure I can now use to market my book. Her skills come highly recommended!”

Trudie Skies, Fantasy author

Hire Bel to write your book blurb:

Thanks to my copywriting experience, I aim to make blurb creation as painless as possible.

To get started, I need 3 things:

  1. For you to complete Bel’s Book Blurb Questionnaire. It’s virtually pain free, I promise!
  2. Send me the first 3 – 5 chapters of your finished manuscript (up to 5,000 words) along with a synopsis or brief summary of your plot line (bullet points are fine). This will allow me to get a sense of your voice and understand the entire story arc.
  3. Your PayPal email (or bank account details if you’re in Australia) for invoicing purposes.

That’s it? Surely delegating my book blurb can’t be that easy?

Yep! If you have any other supporting information, feel free to send it to me as well. This might include a draft book blurb you’re not happy with (and why) or examples of blurbs by other authors in your genre that you like.

Value for money book blurbs

I’ve aimed to create a book blurb package that offers good value for money (I get it, because I’m a self published author myself!) If you’re comparing my service to others, you’ll find other blurb writers who charge more than me and some who charge less. I don’t aim to compete with the cheaper options out there because I’d be selling my decades of experience short and you deserve a brilliant blurb that proves to the world your book is worth reading!

Bel’s Book Blurb package includes:

  • An impossible to resist, ‘I want to read more’ book blurb designed to convert browsers to readers. Average blurb length is 150 – 250 words.
  • Every single one of my blurbs includes a tag line, non-negotiable. If it hasn’t got a tag line, then a blurb is not worthy in my opinion! I don’t charge extra for this service. 
  • Two rounds of changes to ensure your book blurb is tweaked for maximum effectiveness.
  • Average turnaround time for you to receive your first draft blurb is around a week from my receipt of payment and the completed questionnaire (I’ll need both of these things to get started). I will always confirm timings before blurb commencement. For rush jobs, please let me know your requirements when you get in touch (rush jobs incur an additional fee).

Total cost: $149USD*

*Payment via PayPal. Australian customers can be invoiced in the equivalent AUD based on the USD price, if they prefer.

Don’t forget to ask about my introductory discount offer for first-time customers!

Hire Bel to write my blurb

To get things started, click on the button below and you’ll be taken to a contact form. Please tell me a little about yourself, then I’ll be in touch with next steps. Or if you’re not quite ready but have some questions, feel free to use the form to ask for more details.

A small sample of some Blurbs By Bel:


Daddy Biker Bear by Roxie Ray

Possessive Alpha Wolf by Skye Wilson

Ruthless Prince by Roxie Ray & Lindsey Devin

Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson

Lace & Flames by Lainey Reese

Boss of Me by Skylar Hunter

Bloom of Love by Erin Wright

Settle The Score by Nicki Edwards 

The Serpent and the Swan by Ashland Pym


You Can’t Complete Me: But I Can! A Self Love Story by Hayley Kaplan LCSW

Thinking Loud, Thinking Clearly! Anybody Hear Me? by CrumsOnTheTable




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