Live to love. Love to escape.

Belinda Williams 2016 screen resI write real characters. Characters with flaws (it makes them more lovable, trust me). I challenge them to fall in love and then leave them to pick up the pieces. Sounds cruel? Maybe a bit.

I also let them laugh. Occasionally they cry — and hopefully by the end of the book they’ll know why. And no matter what’s going on in their love lives, they’ve got friendships to see them through.

I hope you’ll escape with me.



“Christa Morrison is a lot of things: world traveller, city girl, career woman and commitment-phobe. We loved reading what happens when well-meaning friends decide to help Christa sort through her romantic issues by dissecting her previous (failed) relationships. Written in the warm, friendly tone of a conversation among girlfriends, The Boyfriend Sessions is full of gossip, glasses of wine and laughter.”

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Lost in a good book

Praise for the CITY LOVE series:

“There is so much to admire about this series, not just the captivating and fascinating characters, but the way Williams explores female friendships, romance, and tells a story about the complexity of life and emotions all within an intricate and humour filled narrative is absolutely divine.”

Lost in a good book