Heartbreaker: Hollywood Hearts 2


When love is an act, will her heart be fooled?

Lena Lyons, one of Hollywood’s hottest female stars, has a celebrity problem: she’s too famous.

Lena’s had stalkers before and figures the crazies come with the territory, but when things start going dangerously wrong on the set of her latest movie, her production company isn’t taking any risks. They hire Marc Romero, Hollywood security expert. And Lena thought stalkers were bad—Marc appears to hate his job and anything celebrity, including Lena.

Still reeling from her divorce, the last thing Lena needs is a brooding investigator who won’t let her out of his sight. Worse still, his plan to protect her involves him going undercover as an up-and-coming actor and pretending they’re a couple.

Lena has no choice but to get close to the mysterious man who won’t share anything about himself. With her life depending on her acting skills, she must convince everyone that Marc’s the man for her. But will she be able to convince her heart it’s all an act?

Escape behind the scenes with the second instalment of the Hollywood Hearts series, perfect for fans of Rachel Gibson, Victoria Dahl, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Liliana Hart.

Praise from reviewers:

“Belinda Williams has a talented writing style that had me fully invested cover to cover, as I’m totally addicted. And her Hollywood stories are original, sexy, and show a ton of depth. Add in f-bomb dropping worthy twists, some serious angsty goodness, moments of well placed humor that kept me laughing, and chemistry that light up the skies like the 4th of July, well, it’s a perfect read.” Jennifer Pierson, The Power of Three Readers

“This book kept me glued to the sofa all evening!” A Book Lovers Emporium Book Blog

“The love-hate vibe between the protagonists really got under my skin. As soon as the pair is on the same emotional page, they ooze sexual attraction even as they try to conceal it from each other. Yet, under the surface, both are coming to terms with issues from their past which threaten to destroy everything they’ve achieved in their careers. Ms Williams manages to convey their mutual struggles compassionately whilst enveloping Lena and Marc in an addictive push and pull relationship. With an attractive ensemble secondary characters to add more Hollywood style glamour, Heartbreaker is an enthralling romantic suspense.” Ellesea Loves Reading


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