The Pitch: City Love 2

Contemporary romance/romantic comedy

To Do List:

1. Win the biggest business pitch in my company’s history
2. Pretend I’m not crushing on my gorgeous mentor big time
3. Whatever happens, do NOT kiss him

My girlfriends think I’m married to my business. They’ll do whatever it takes, from speed dating to blind dates, to prove to me that there’s more to life than my career.

But who cares if I haven’t been on a date in four years? All my hard work is about to pay off when my marketing agency lands the biggest account in its history—we’ve just got to win it first.

My father has arranged for the mysterious Paul Neilsen to mentor me through the pitching process. He’s a media mogul who likes to keep a low profile, but he’s nothing like I expected.

He’s attractive, in an I’m-finding-it-hard-to-concentrate-on-my-work sort of way. He also understands me, and I’m confiding in him more than is strictly professional.

But getting involved with Paul could ruin the biggest opportunity in my company’s history, although try telling that to my heart. It obviously didn’t read the company memo. As for what happens next . . .

Well, that definitely wasn’t in my business plan . . .

Praise for The Pitch:

“I loved every moment of this book, the characters are amazing from the leads to the minor characters. Each one has been written well and they are all unique, it makes the story flow and it is extremely addictive.Sarah, For the Love of Books.

“Lovely characters, fully developed plot line with a twist that kept me guessing, and funny, realistic friends that made this series a new must-read for me.” Holly, It’s About The Book.

“The Pitch is charming, witty, and refreshing. Belinda Williams takes the reader through a journey many modern women face today, finding love while building their careers. The writing is solid, the story is relatable, and the characters are just darling. Due to giving me many moments of laughter, giving me a male character I couldn’t help but love, and a female character I could easily relate to, The Pitch gets a solid 5 star rating from me.” Sam, Sam’s Ramblings.

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