Wish List: City Love 4

Contemporary romance/romantic comedy

Could the wrong man on paper be the right man in real life?

I know it’s clichéd, but I’m a financial planner and I like lists. Except my girlfriends think that having a checklist for my ideal man is going a step too far.

It doesn’t matter that I’m the only one of us who is still unattached. Or that I’ve always dreamed of starting a family and settling down. I’m not going to lower my standards.

I certainly wouldn’t fall for a guy like Dave, who is opposite to me in every way. He’s got bad boy written all over him, and his eyes are completely the wrong color. In fact, he doesn’t tick any of my boxes.

I can still admire him, though. And maybe flirt a little—but not too much. I need to keep things professional now he’s a client.

But the thing is, I’ve never met anyone like Dave before and I’m starting to wonder about the reasons behind my list. Reasons I’ve tried to leave in the past but are coming back to haunt me.

Am I brave enough to rewrite my list? Or worse—get rid of it completely?

Praise for Wish List:

“My heart felt lighter reading this story 🙂 A refreshingly funny, endearing and at times heartbreaking read!

Cate and Dave’s stilted conversations had me rapt from the start of the story.
Dave’s ability to always manage to take Cate by surprise with his shortened vocabulary was awesome 🙂 Cate’s strength and vulnerability throughout the story pulled on this readers heartstrings. The story even had its share of twists that snuck up on this reader. Enough character development and depth in the story that fast became a book I did not want to put down. An enjoyable read from the start.

Overall, Wish List by Belinda Williams held many emotions in a read that had me laughing out loud one moment, swooning the next and in tears at others.” Talking Books

“For me this is the best and most wonderful ending to a series and a book I’ve read. Williams has always treated these women well and given them stories that suit them and that they deserve, this is no exception, and being the final book it also manages to be a farewell and big finale for the four of them. The continual surprises and little bits of joy and intensity are an emotional ride but I wouldn’t change a thing. As I read my heart was pounding, I had knots in my stomach, a smile on my face, continually holding in gasps and squeals as my eyes fled across the page trying to read faster and possibly physically immerse myself in the story.” Lost in a Good Book


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