The music of Radiant

Radiant’s musical soundtrackRadiant angel wings

If you are into music or are just curious, you might be interested to learn that Radiant has it’s own musical soundtrack. Well, not literally. What I mean to say is that there are certain artists and songs that Radiant was written to.

I’ve always found music allows me to daydream in such a way where the characters and scenes can start to unfold in my head, in a very natural and unforced fashion. I’ve written more about this in my blog post called ‘Music as a Muse’ here. The ‘key’ scenes to Radiant lived in my head to specific songs, long before they ever made it onto paper.

And the same way you often replay a music track over and over, because you find a particular song just gets into your system, I would frequently replay a specific song and relive a key scene in my head until it was forever burned into my brain.

So, for you music lovers out there, here’s Radiant’s soundtrack. And at this point it’s probably worth mentioning that my musical taste is quite eclectic…

The Kiss – car park scene between Lily and Leo

The Walk by Imogen Heap.

This was probably THE scene that I revisited the most. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the tension between Lily and Leo…either way, I enjoyed it every time.

Tristan and Kristy’s love affair

Kaskade, in particular the track, Angel on my Shoulder. But all of his recent albums have been on repeat during Radiant’s journey.

Fight scene in bush with Melanie

Grace by Glass Pear.

Church scene in Part 3, where Lily talks to the minister

Wait it Out by Imogen Heap.

Epilogue / sunrise scene

New Day by Kate Havnevik.

Artists that were played over and over again in the background during the writing of Radiant include:

Imogen Heap – I discovered Imogen in the early stages of Radiant’s development and she quickly became something of a love affair for me. Her music is unique, a little eccentric, edgy but ethereal at the same time. I’ve seen her in concert twice and her talent leaves my head spinning. Oh, and I want her piano…

Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto – loving this album (and have always loved the band since their early days).

Hybrid – the song Break my Soul and their most recent album Disappear Here. And actually all of their music really. It’s fantastic to write to and is like a movie soundtrack playing in the background. Charlotte’s voice on Disappear Here is angelic. Thanks to tech support for getting me onto these guys xo

Icehouse – Heaven, Don’t Believe Anymore, Hey Little Girl, Paradise + more. Even as a young girl, I loved Icehouse and they will forever be Australian greats to my mind. Their songs helped me return to the ’80’s of my childhood and set the mood for the scenes between Rick and Eva. I also really love The Whitlam’s remake of Don’t Believe Anymore (is it sacrilege to admit to that?)

Glass Pear – I discovered Yestyn late in the book, but quickly bought all of his albums to date and he’s become one of my favourite artists. He somehow blends folk, alternate, rock, pop, with hints of the grunge of my ’90’s teenage years and I love him for it 🙂 His music has been featured on leading US hit shows like the Vampire Diaries and Bones.

Kaskade – whenever I need something to get the blood pumping and my fingers typing, I turn the sub-woofer on, the music up loud and  have my very own dance club!

Kate Havnevik – those of you who know me, realise I have a soft spot for anything Scandinavian (after having the good fortune of an extended stay in Oslo in 2007). Kate hails from Oslo and her music sucker punched me. Her blend of pop, electronica and orchestral is divine. Her song, New Day, is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. If it doesn’t already feature in a movie, then should I ever have the good fortune of someone buying the rights to my book it would be on the condition that this song features in the final scene…

The Script – all of their albums to date, but in particular, the songs Science and Faith, Breakeven and Rusty Halo. Love their rhythm, Danny’s vocals and the honest heart of their music.

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