“There’s so much to enjoy about Belinda Williams’ sweet, funny story of love and friendship. When serial dater Christa agrees to swear off men, she quickly meets a guy who makes that promise hard to keep. Entertaining, funny and easy to read, The Boyfriend Sessions is a romance that’s full of witty dialogue, relatable emotions and compelling, fully-formed characters. We loved the steamier scenes, but what really touched us was the enviable kindess and loyalty of Christa’s fantastic friends.” APPLE BOOKS

Praise for HEARTTHROB:

Heartthrob takes us behind the Hollywood scenes, it shows us the real lives of the stars and just how different they can be to the picture that is painted of them . . . Williams does a great job of breathing life into her characters, illustrating the massive divide between what’s real and what’s not in Hollywood and showing that perseverance pays off because it’s never to late to follow your dreams. I giggled, I cried and I was left wondering what we will discover as the series progresses.” BEAUTY & LACE

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