It’s Discover Indie Authors Friday! Read on for giveaways and sneak peeks

Happy Friday!

Looking for some great reads to kick off the weekend?

Discover Indie Authors

Today I’m part of the ‘Discover Indie Authors’ blog hop where you’ll have the chance to uncover some great new indie authors, plus win free stuff and gain some exciting sneak peeks and insights into the world of indie authors.

Do you believe in angels and demons? They believe in you

If you’ve arrived on my blog today (22nd March 2013), I’m giving away a copy of my romantic suspense title, Radiant, which was officially released last week. If you’re into heart-stopping, fast-paced romantic suspense of a supernatural variety, all you need to do is visit the giveaway tab on my Facebook fan page here.

The giveaway is open from midnight Friday 22nd March until midnight 24th March, 2013 (Sydney, Australia time).

Sneak peek: Heaven and Hell are closing in

At this point, I need to make a confession.

Obviously, I have a soft spot for my lead female and males characters (I couldn’t have spent 100,000+ words on them if I didn’t!)

But here’s the thing: I like writing evil.

Sure, they’ve got their faults, but they’re not all bad…oh wait, maybe they are.

And in Melanie’s case – one of the evil characters in Radiant – this bitch is pure evil. Without giving too much away, Heaven and Hell are closing in on my lead character, Lily Ainsworth and poor old Lily doesn’t even have a clue.

SNEAK PEEK: click here to read what Lily is up against.

Radiant angel wings

Still intrigued? You can buy Radiant as an ebook here on Amazon.

Now, it’s not all about me – read on for some more fantastic and very talented indie authors below.

An indie author for every taste

The fabulous aspect of being part of the indie author community is that you meet some amazing people and we don’t see any reason why our readers should miss out on this.

Today, there’s an author for every taste and on the 22nd March, 2013, they’re all giving away free stuff and posting enticing things on their blogs. (Don’t forget though, if you’re Australian, the US are a few hours behind us and the offers in the blogs below should be up and running by Friday afternoon when you’re ready to distract yourself from work and ease into the weekend…)

So scan the list below, enjoy your travels and be sure to share your new-found literary discoveries!

LW Patricks: he’s a word samurai, slicing through words with his trusty sacred pencil and his edgy YA debut novel, The Shadows of Wrath, is out now. Check him out!

Julie Presley: Christian author, Julie Presley, brings us this story of restoration and healing in Stones of Remembrance – a journey all about loss, discovery, healing and most importantly, love.

Victoria Sawyer: Angst. Anxiety. Panic. Victoria’s YA novel is like no other – it’s an insight into the dark struggles of a young college woman living with anxiety and it’s not for the faint hearted. Refreshing, raw and honest – be sure to take a look! 

Casey Voight: Casey will entrance you with her novel, The Dove: Book One of the Legend. It’s the first book in a five-part series that follows a young Native American woman through an epic quest that will forever change the course of history.

Erin Long: weaving tales of YA fantasy, Erin’s lead character, Grimore, is the niece of a sorcerer who finds herself plunged into a struggle between the forces of light and darkness.

Jocelyn Dex: this author claims ‘demons do it better’ and does her best to prove it to us in her erotic paranormal romance novels – find out for yourself…

Chelsea Falin: brings us the ‘Benson Family Chronicles’ with her distinct southern (US) voice.

A.D. Trosper: voted #1 Book of the Year in the Turning Pages Fantasy category, Book 1: Embers at Galdrilene, in The Dragon’s Call series, is certainly worth a look.

Jill Sanders: American contemporary romance author, Jill Sanders, brings us the ‘Pride series’ of books, set in the rolling hills of Oregon, the perfect backdrop for love.

Leti Del Mar: last, but definitely not least, Leti offers readers an enticing mix of crime, intrigue and romance in her novel, The Inadvertent Thief.

Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

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