Cityescape: a writer’s inspiration

The gentle rush of traffic. Sirens wailing. The steady rhythm of a train as it passes. Pedestrians talking on their mobile phones as they walk by my front gate. Doors slamming. A plane overhead. Dogs barking. Children crying. This is the soundtrack of my daily life.

City life: a writer’s best friend and adversary

A writer needs inspiration, but they also need space to think and to write. The city can be all of those things.

I live only a handful of stations from the centre of Sydney. Most of the time I love it, but there are other times when I feel the weight of this concrete existence. I start to notice the noise of the traffic and the endless cacophony of city life. And the people. Sometimes there’s just too many people. Like last weekend in the supermarket, I reached boiling point.

That’s when I know I need a break. The obvious choices might be a trip to the beach or a visit to my family’s acreage on the outskirts of Sydney. But my city is clever. Escape is all around me, I only need to look.

After some deep breathing I feel the pull of it again. I hear the sirens, the train as it passes, the rush of traffic, and I realise–I’m home.

A writer’s addiction: city junkie

There’s endless inspiration here. The silhouette of skyscrapers in the distance under an endless blue sky. The Australian bush which spreads its fingers through the city with surprising ease, pockets of it waiting serenely for you to discover.

I’m a city girl. My garden has walls around it, but don’t feel sorry for me, because just beyond my gate lies a world of inspiration…my cityescape.

Musical cityescapes

I’m not the only one who feels the inspiration of the city.

1997: Under the Bridge, All Saints

Yes, this is a cover. A good or bad one depending on your opinion. I will admit to buying the album (it was the nineties and Spice Girls were all the rage, people!) I love the video clip though.


2012: Concrete Angel, Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli

This is probably one of the coolest cityscape music videos I’ve come across. Check it out. Fantastic song too.


Where do you find inspiration in the world around you? And how do you escape?

SWF13Winter sunCity people

The modern contrasts the old: one of the reasons I chose Sydney as the setting for Radiant




Sydney Harbour Bridge

2 Replies to “Cityescape: a writer’s inspiration”

  1. You city junkie you, me too.

    I lived in Park Street in Sydney for 15 years, that’s why I’m mad, deaf and a writer.

    All Saints, wow, forgot about them. Thanks B.

    1. Hi Rob, I suspect there’s many writers to be found among the city streets and parks sitting back and observing life and looking for inspiration. I had forgotten about All Saints too (although perhaps I should have left it that way!) Good to hear from you.

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