‘The Dark Side of Romance’ panel discussion, Book Expo Australia, Aug 30-31

What is it about dark creatures and the supernatural that writers and readers alike find so compelling? And why do romance authors find paranormal and urban fantasy settings such an appealing backdrop for love?

On Saturday August 30th at 11.30am-12.15pm, I’ll be joining in a panel discussion all about ‘The Dark Side of Romance’ with two other talented authors: YA and children’s author of more than sixty books, Kaz Delaney, and Momentum’s Dark Child serialised digital bestseller, Adina West, to discuss what attracts us to this ‘dark side’ of love.

What is Book Expo Australia?

Book Expo Australia is the first of its kind in Australia. On Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of August, avid readers can come to meet known and favourite authors and find new and emerging authors. The creative offerings will encompass all genres, crime, fantasy, urban fantasy, chick lit, thriller-action, contemporary, children’s, YA and all other genres. Non-fiction will be covered across all interests; business, fitness, self help, craft cookery, military history, poetry, travel and biography. Plus, eBooks, audio books, graphic novels and comics and more will all have a place at the expo. If it can be written, it will be at BE Oz.

The Expo will be held in Exhibition Hall 5, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW. For more information, take a look at the Book Expo Australia website.

Where dark worlds and romance collide

Join the panel for a fearless discussion on the dark worlds where romance thrives, including:

  • From Dracula and Frankenstein to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries: why do tales of dark, illicit, or forbidden romance continue to enthral through the decades?
  • The fear factor: why are we attracted to dark creatures as romantic leads?
  • Charting the unknown: how authors create a believable supernatural or paranormal world where romance can flourish
  • Against all odds: love in the real world v love in a world of dark fantasy
  • Love conquers all: how romance writers create authentic relationships when the love interest isn’t human (or living!)
  • Nail biting suspense: how paranormal and supernatural elements in romance help to create suspense
  • Tomorrow’s dark heroes: vampires, ghosts, demons, zombies and witches: a discussion about where the genre is going next.

My fellow panellists

Kaz DelaneyKaz Delaney

Award winning YA & children’s author, Kaz Delaney, and her alter ego, Kerri Lane have currently sold 67 books between them.

Kaz’s current title ‘Almost Dead’ (Allen & Unwin, January 2014) is a ‘crossover novel’, closing the divide between adult and teen fiction. Almost Dead follows the first book in this series, ‘Dead Actually’ which was the recipient of both the ARRA Award ( Favourite Paranorma 2012) and Aurealis Awards (co-winner, Best Young Adult Novel 2012). Dividing her time now between teaching and writing, Kaz formerly tutored Creative writing for CSU’s Enrichment Program as well as teaching and creating courses for the Australian College of Journalism.

Adina West

Adina WestAdina West grew up on a remote property on Australia’s east coast, in country New South Wales. She spent most of her childhood curled up with a book, and her first teenage job was shelving books at the local library, where she was cautioned more than once for reading them instead of putting them away.

Her first stories were laboriously typed up with two fingers on her parents’ old typewriter. Her dream of one day being a published writer progressed much faster after she learned to touch type and switched to a computer.

Adina lives in Sydney’s leafy north-west with her IT guru husband, two children, and a couple of unwelcome possums who really don’t know how to take a hint. She is the author of the serialised digital bestsellers Dark Child: The Awakening, and Dark Child: Covens Rising, new-age paranormal fantasy novels that mix ancient and modern, tarot, astrology, suspense and romance. She loves that writing Dark Child made watching Vampire Diaries necessary research.

Hope you can join us!

2 Replies to “‘The Dark Side of Romance’ panel discussion, Book Expo Australia, Aug 30-31”

  1. Hi Belinda.
    Sounds interesting but a long way to come!
    Why do we like the dark side? Because it’s fun to let loose and do and say all the things we’d never do or say in real life.
    Many, many years ago, my friends and I would sit up all night getting stoned and playing Dungeons and Dragons. My favourite character was a female, evil assassin/magician… I got to kill people just to be awkward!
    Being slightly deeper, you could also say we need a bit of the dark side to balance the light.

    1. Hi Huw. Shame you can’t make it but I understand! Yes I think people enjoy the dark side because it’s got that forbidden quality to it. Plus the age old good v evil battle. Perhaps your female evil assassin/magician would make a good character in a book! 🙂

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