The Boyfriend Sessions: only 1 day to go! And we’re talking exes…

What do Giggly Grant, Troubled Troy and Handy Hamish all have in common?

They’re all ex-boyfriends of my lead character, Christa, in my new contemporary romance The Boyfriend Sessions. Readers will get to learn all about these ex-boyfriends when Christa undertakes an extreme rehabilitation program at the hands of her closest girlfriends, Maddy, Cate and Scarlett. This plan is intended to reform her relationship junkie ways and you can read more about What Are The Boyfriend Sessions? here.

But the big question everyone is asking before my book is unleashed into the world tomorrow is:

Were the ex-boyfriends inspired by real life?

Giggly Grant. Troubled Troy. Perfect Pete. Handy Hamish. Lloyd Love You. Jumpy Justin. And a few others…

Uh, no. I settled down quite young so I would have been a very busy girl indeed!

This means I took a fair amount of creative licence in creating the characters of Christa’s ex-boyfriends. Although I will admit to being inspired by one ex-boyfriend experience…

You’ll have to guess first. Was it:

a.) The boyfriend who said I love you far too much?

b.) The boyfriend who couldn’t control his hands?

c.) The boyfriend with that laugh?

Alright, I’ll confess. I went out with someone a long, long time ago whose laugh in a crowded movie theatre caused me to shrink down in my seat! And we were watching a comedy…

How about you? Any ex-boyfriend experiences you’d rather forget?

Join Christa as she relives her relationship history. I promise it’s quite a ride!

Please take your seats. The journey to happiness may involve some turbulence.

The Boyfriend SessionChrista Morrison has commitment issues, a fact that quickly becomes apparent after she flees a romantic proposal in Paris, the thunder of impending wedding bells ringing in her ears.

Back in Sydney, she turns to her closest friends for reassurance. Instead they offer her a startling and painful diagnosis: she’s a relationship junkie. The cure? An extreme rehabilitation program guaranteed to reform even the most L-word illiterate.

With her girlfriends along for the ride, Christa commits to their radical plan and the chances of recovery look good. The only problem is Max Spencer. The one guy Christa—and her friends—never expected her to fall for. But he’s proving to be a temptation she may not have the willpower to resist…

For a shot at happiness, is being with Max worth betraying her friends? And will Christa have the strength to trust her heart when her colorful relationship history comes back to haunt her?

It might just be enough to make a poor girl leave the country (again).

The Boyfriend Sessions will be available for purchase tomorrow here.

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