Author Interview: Carolyn Wren

This week I’m welcoming another talented Aussie author to my blog, Carolyn Wren. Her latest novel, Empathy, has just been released and the reason I decided to feature Carolyn was because I was so intrigued by the concept for this novel. In Empathy, Oliver Lord is an empath who can feel the emotions of others as a physical sense, and he’s fallen in love with a woman he’s never met.


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1. What was the inspiration behind writing a story about falling in love with someone you’ve never met? I was fascinated by the thought of falling in love with a stranger through the shared emotions of another. Of having all the emotional knowledge of one special person without ever having meeting her face to face. It was a delicious concept I couldn’t wait to explore.

2. Zoe has recently lost her fiancé and can’t imagine finding love again, but then she meets her fiancé’s unknown brother, Oliver. Can you tell us what it is about Oliver that Zoe finds so appealing? Oliver has the same physical gestures as Jasper. He also has the same eye color and even the same crooked tooth. These little things stir her memory and remind her of her beloved fiancé. But Oliver is also a mystery, an enigma and Zoe can’t make him out. It’s that mixture of familiarity yet elusiveness that initially attracts her.

3. Empathy is not just a romance, there’s also a murder to be solved. Oliver and two powerful empathic friends need to track down kidnappers before they murder again, but their only clue is emotion, which sounds very intriguing. Why do you like combining romance with mystery in your writing? Romance Suspense is one of my favourite genres to read. The combination of love and danger is an irresistible lure to me, so I guess it comes natural to my writing. Even if I try to write a story without suspense, it always manages to creep in somewhere regardless of what genre I’m currently working in.

4. What did you enjoy most about writing Empathy? Empathy is my first multi character story with intersecting storylines. I loved the challenge of bring those stories together and ultimately solving the mystery.

5. What was the most challenging aspect of writing Empathy? The story was impossible to pare back! What started out as a single book became a series. By the time my word count reached over 140,000 I knew I had no hope of containing it in a single book.

6. What do you think (or hope) readers will like most about this story? I hope the differences in these characters who are such close friends, but all vastly individual will appeal to a reader. I also hope they don’t hate me for continuing the story into the next book.

7. Empathy is the first book in the Emotional Chains series, and Book 2, Perception, is due out in August. Can you give us an insight into what we can expect from Perception? Perception will continue the story of the murder mystery and the challenge of solving it, but it will also concentrate on the relationships between Kira and Drew and Meredith and Mike. I’m hoping the twists and turns in these storylines will intrigue the readers.



Emotional Chains

Book 1

Carolyn Wren

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Date of Publication: 23rd March 2015

ISBN: 978-1-63105-537-9

Number of pages: 229

Word Count: 74,918

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Book Description:

What if you could sense the emotions of everyone around you? What if you fell in love with someone you’d never even met?

Oliver Lord belongs to one of three special families, empaths who feel emotions as a physical sense. Quiet and reserved, and accustomed to keeping his abilities hidden, Oliver is drawn inexorably to a woman he’s never met. The woman who made his brother’s last year of life so happy.

When Zoe Daniels, talented sculptor, loses her fiancé before their wedding, she can’t imagine finding love again, until she meets Jasper’s unknown brother, a man so different, yet so achingly familiar to the man she adored. What is Oliver’s secret, and why is he so determined to keep her at arm’s length?

A violent kidnapping and murder forces the empaths from the shadows to seek justice for one of their own. Oliver turns to Zoe, needing her comfort and love. Can she accept him for who he is?

Oliver and two powerful empathic friends need to track down the kidnappers before they strike again, but how do you solve a murder, when your only clue is emotion?

Book Trailer

Available at: Secret Cravings   ARe   Amazon   BN

About the Author:

Carolyn WrenCarolyn Wren is the award winning author of a seven part romantic suspense series called, The Protectors. Having spent her working life as a book-keeper and finance officer for international companies, she discovered a passion for fiction writing in 2009. Assuming it was some sort of mid-life crisis, she kept it a secret for six months. In an impulsive move, she entered The Emerald, a prestigious writing contest for unpublished authors run by the Romance Writers of Australia. Much to her utter shock, she won it. This was followed shortly after by a finalist placing in the International Daphne Du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense.

Carolyn received a seven book contract with Secret Cravings Publishing in 2011. Her debut published work Diplomat’s Daughter won the RWA ‘Ella’ award for novella of the year.

To date, The Protectors series has received four award nominations, resulting in two trophies.

Carolyn’s other works include a very naughty ghost erotic novella Ghosts of Grace Cottage that she wrote during a stormy winter day. Her new series, the murder mystery urban fantasy Emotional Chains is her latest obsession.

She writes full time now, enjoys every minute of it, and loves hearing from readers.



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  1. Thank you Belinda for hosting me and my book today. Empathy was my first foray into the realm of paranormal writing – although for fans of shapeshifters or the undead, I’m afraid there isn’t a single vampire, werewolf or witch anywhere in this series – I just had a crazy idea for a story about emotions and I let my writers brain take over the reins.

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