MODERN HEART: how John brings Scarlett back down to earth

For me, there’s always one song in the writing of any manuscript that hits home. One special song that sums up everything.

Usually I find it’s around that ‘black moment’ where your main character is experiencing a pivotal moment. Often where she realises she’s *%$ed everything up and she’s got no idea how things are ever going to be fixed.

For Scarlett’s story, that song is Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

As much as Scarlett tries, John is turning out to be a lot like gravity – not always welcome but pretty essential. She sure as hell doesn’t understand it and at times, wishes she could escape it. Especially the way John has of seeing straight through her tough girl act.

Enjoy the last song on the MODERN HEART playlist! I’ll share the entire playlist with you on release day 🙂



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