Routine breakers: the ultimate writing inspiration

I learned to water ski on the weekend.

Water skiing

That blurry person is me, I’m not making that up!

As well as ticking something off my bucket list, the experience reminded me about the importance of stepping away from your desk when you’re a writer.

I’ve written in the past about Why Writers Need To Go Outside. There’s plenty of good reasons in that post about taking a break from writing, but it’s not just a break I’m talking about. It’s what you do when you’re away from the desk.

Now I’m not suggesting we all attempt extreme sports of a weekend (it’s not everyone’s cup of tea), but it did make me realize how caught up in the routine we get. School, work, writing, responsibilities – whatever it is, we all need a reminder we’re living life from time to time, not just going through the motions.

For you, that reminder might be taking a trip, visiting a friend or hosting a dinner party. Whatever it is, make time in your life for those things.

Because ultimately when you get back to school, work or your writing, you’ll return to it refreshed and hopefully even inspired.

Or in my case, I want to sit at my desk because everything hurts. A lot. I might be standing up in that photo but I face planted the water a couple of times before that. So nowΒ I’m content with the routine . . . for a little while at least πŸ™‚

How about you? What sort of things do you do to take a break from the routine?

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