Big Questions. What next?

Happy New Year! (Yes, I know it’s March).

So…. life. You’ll often hear writers complain that life gets in the way of writing. Work, kids, the day to day grind. Unless you’re lucky enough to write full time, many writers master the art of ‘fitting in’ their writing around everything else.

Then there’s major life events. These are more difficult to contend with and it turns out life had a couple of biggies in store for me late last year and I’m still dealing with the aftershocks.

Some things you just can’t write around…

2018 finds us in a new house. After years of living in the inner city, we made the move back to the ‘burbs and I couldn’t be loving it more! The peace and quiet and space is just what this writer needed, except for the moving part. Ever moved? It’s up there with death and divorce, although I’d prefer moving over those others.

I’m happy to say divorce is not the horizon but the other one, well, sometimes life reminds us how lucky we are. Two days before we auctioned our house my leading man was involved in a serious accident. 12 broken ribs, a punctured lung and a lot of recovery time, andΒ somehow we still managed to sell our house and move. Needless to say the last few months have been tough.

Oh, and did I mention our new house is a renovators delight! That was a totally awesome and exciting fact before my leading man (who is very practical and handy) injured himself. So it’s almost 2 months since we moved in and we’re still surrounded by boxes and living downstairs while we make upstairs livable. (Because there are some things from the 70s that I just cannot live with and the bathrooms were one of them). See evidence below:

Because everyone needs fake crystal, bronze detailed bathroom lighting…


My 2018 writing plan (also known as ‘What Plan?’)

Anyway, brand new carpet goes in next Monday and we should FINALLY be able to live upstairs and I will have the novelty of being able to use a wardrobe for my clothes instead of boxes and random surfaces wherever it seems appropriate to leave clothes. Please note: I lean towards being a Type A Personality and this level of chaos hurts. A lot.

Sooooo, writing. Not so much unfortunately. Book 4 in my Hollywood Hearts series has naturally been put on hold since late last year, but all this change has made me a bit restless.

I’ve got a few other story ideas floating around and the big question is:

What Next?

After writing a lot of contemporary romance/chick lit, I’m keen to flex my writing muscles and write something in third person for a change. Perhaps a romantic suspense or some women’s fiction…

So I’m throwing it out there. If you’ve read my books, you tell me what you want! Faith’s story, or something else?

I would LOVE to hear from my readers (and it also gives me bit longer to procrastinate while I get my life organised!) Thanks πŸ™‚

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