Pre-order Daddy’s Girl plus sneak peek!

Daddy’s Girl, the final book in the Freshwater series will hit shelves January 25 and you can now pre-order on Apple, Amazon and Nook, with Kobo and Google to be made available before Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d get into the spirit of giving and share two sneak peeks with my readers!

A romantic comedy with a heroine who doesn’t like romance

Em Georgiou is the sort of woman who looks sweet on the outside. But on the inside, she’s spirited and determined and knows exactly what she does and doesn’t want – and she’s not afraid to say so. It’s got architect, Joel Scott, more than a little flustered, and he’s a man who usually doesn’t do flustered…

Is our hero in Daddy’s girl a good guy or a not-so-good guy?

Em’s focus in life is on finishing her PhD and her career – the last thing she’s interested in is settling down or finding the perfect man. It’s a sentiment that hard working, business owner Joel can relate to…

If that sounds intriguing, don’t forget to pre-order now so the book will hit your ereader on January 25.

I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks soon, so stay tuned!

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