Mr. Nice Guy release day!

Today, I’m unleashing my very own Mr. Nice Guy on the world. As Chelsea’s best friend Nadia says, ‘He’s not just any guy. He’s a NICE guy.’

Mr. Nice Guy is the first book in a brand new rom com series featuring four brothers who are as equally nice as they are naughty. There’s not a hint of an Alpha guy in the Pierce Brothers series–unless of course you count Chelsea’s latest boyfriend, Darren.

But don’t worry, Darren doesn’t stick around long, because did I mention the bit about the nice guy? 😉

What the reviewers are saying about my new romantic comedy book

Here’s just a few of the reviews that have made me smile so far, and I’ve been blown away with how many wonderful reviews are already up on Goodreads for my new release. Thanks for all the love, book lovers!

“This was really heartwarming and such a beautiful friends to lovers with fake dating trope. Both characters had to work through their own struggles, but ultimately realized that the fake dating brought out feelings that were there long before.”
Heather on Goodreads

“So this book has a trope that I love: the fake-dating-turn-real trope. However, Belinda Williams doesn’t follow the cliches. Williams has written an easy, comfort read that you can read in one sitting (which I did) and it was filled with romance, tension and angst!! There was also plenty of humour as well, which I enjoyed.”
Alys on Goodreads

“I absolutely adored them (Chelsea and Tom) together and was cheering them on throughout the entire story! Their banter throughout the book made them feel like a real couple. I also loved the side characters and everything they brought to the story to make it feel more real.”
Emily on Goodreads

Here’s the blurb in case you missed it:

Give me a week. Seven days and seven nights. I’ll show you what it’s like to be with a nice guy.’


Chelsea’s housemate Tom is tired of her complaining about her boyfriends. Arrogant, sexy, irresistible—bad boys are basically Chelsea’s M.O.

Pretty much everything that Tom is not. He’s dependable and sweet. He’s also kind of hot in a cute, unthreatening way. His offer surprises Chelsea. He’s right . . . she’s never really given a nice guy a chance before. And now she’s curious. Hell, it might even be fun.

There’s just one rule: this isn’t a friends with benefits arrangement. Except Chelsea never imagined nice guys could play so dirty . . .

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