Cry Baby release day!

It’s hard to believe that the fourth (and final, sob!) book in the Pierce Brothers series hits digital shelves today. Cry Baby features Amy, a nanny who always looks on the bright side, and Noah, a perpetual bachelor who suddenly finds himself in need of help when he becomes the guardian of a friend’s baby. Oh, and did I mention he’s kind of blunt?

A slow burn grump sunshine romantic comedy

Despite Noah being a bit of a grump, sparks start to fly between them. And try as she might, Amy is finding it really hard to get to know the fourth Pierce brother who has the pesky habit of keeping everything to himself:

But like I said, sparks. For the quiet and serious Noah, it’s leaving him feeling majorly conflicted:

But even Pierce brothers aren’t perfect! With a woman like Amy, it’s impossible not to give into temptation eventually…

Of course, the road to a happy ending is never smooth and Noah is about to discover the woman he’s falling hard for has some things of her own that she’s keeping to herself…



Amy Highgate always looks on the bright side and she’s determined to make her live-in nanny job a success, despite her new boss being the brooding silent type.

Noah Pierce is a confirmed bachelor who prefers numbers to people. But after the unexpected death of his close friend, he’s now the sole guardian of a baby girl, only he has absolutely no clue how to be a dad. To make matters worse, no one knows who Amelia’s father is.

While Noah is determined to find Amelia’s dad, Amy believes that Noah’s more of a family man than he realises—if only she can help him to see it. Except she hadn’t planned on falling for her boss in the process. Or what they both stand to lose if their working relationship crosses the line from business to pleasure…

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