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Belinda has more than a decade of experience working in the corporate marketing arena, having worked on some of Australia’s most well known brands in campaign management and strategy roles. She was part of a small team who developed the “Get a home loan, get a free holiday!” campaign that created unprecedented growth for the Greater Building Society in the early to mid 2000’s (and who later went on to secure Jerry Seinfeld as their spokesperson!)

Since then, she’s worked for St.George Bank and in a variety of account management agency roles, working with both big and small clients across the professional services sector in both B2B and B2C sectors. She’s overseen re-branding projects, numerous website developments and is not afraid to get her hands dirty to make sure the detail gets done.

Experience + a practical approach = results

Belinda currently operates as a freelance marketing consultant and enjoys working with entrepreneurial brands on their strategy and marketing communications, offering the following:

  • Copywriting for corporate brochures, fact sheets, script writing, websites, plus more
  • Branding review and strategy; development of core messaging
  • Writing blogs
  • Conducting and writing case studies
  • Managing social media campaigns
  • Overseeing graphic design for brochures, websites and more (she can even put you in touch with some clever graphic designers if so desired)
  • Managing WordPress websites

Belinda is a rare breed: experienced, yet ever practical. She’ll happily talk strategy with you but it’s always with a focus on what needs to be done to make a difference to your business.

A one-off project or need an outsourced marketing department?

Whether it’s strategy or implementation, Belinda can help get your marketing on track.

You’ll find her straightforward to deal with and not precious (too many years working in or with agencies have cured her of that!) She can work with you on a project or an hourly basis – whatever suits your business.

To find out how Belinda can help, simply fill out the contact form below. If you would like to speak to a real person (that’s Belinda), just say so in your enquiry form and she’ll hop on the phone. Thanks for stopping by.

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