Meet Mighty Max from The Boyfriend Sessions

Sometimes being a writer is real tough.

Hours upon hours of editing until your eyes are so sore you can barely see straight. Days, weeks and sometimes months of angst while you try to work through a plot issue. It makes you wonder what you do it for.

Last week my publisher asked me to write a blog post for them about The Boyfriend Sessions leading man, Max, a.k.a. Mighty Max.

They wanted pictures. It took hours of research. Honestly, isn’t it enough that you spend all those hours working on the book, you then have to dedicate more time to scouring the internet for suitable images to represent your leading man?

Will the hard work ever stop?

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds understands the hard work involved, don’t you? We got to know each other quite well in the hours of research required…


Mighty Max is this week’s Momentum Moonlight Leading Man. Head over to their blog to learn all about him, with plenty of celebrity pictures to illustrate.

And yes, I love my job 😉

To find out where you can purchase The Boyfriend Sessions, click here.

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