It’s Aussie Month!

Happy New Year!

January is a great time to be an Aussie. Lots of sun, long days, trips to the beach and swimming, and it’s school holiday time for the kids. It makes concentrating on work a little difficult.

Not to mention Facebook pages like aussieBum’s. . .very, very distracting!

Your summer reading list just got seriously impressive

Aussie Month AusRom TodayTo add to the distraction factor, AusRom Today, a website dedicated to celebrating the Australian romance community, is holding Aussie month. Every day during the month, they’ll be featuring Australian authors, with plans to introduce readers to 93 romance authors in January.

There’s great giveaways up for grabs too. You can win cash prizes of 1st = $700, 2nd = $200, 3rd = $100.. Entry is via Rafflecopter on AusRom Today’s Facebook page and you can read more about the giveaway on AusRom Today’s website here.

Summer lovin’

I featured in Aussie Month on the 2nd where I discussed the best things about being an Aussie and more about The Boyfriend Sessions.

Oh, and if you’d like to gaze at more Aussie men check out Buzzfeed.

You’re welcome 😉




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