THREE BOOK DEAL! Now that I have your attention…

The Boyfriend SessionLast year when I was made an offer from Momentum to publish The Boyfriend Sessions, I thought that was pretty good. In the realm of good things happening to me it was up there. A major highlight in my writing career so far. I counted my writerly blessings. I thanked the writing Gods.

You get the picture.

This year I’m investing in a shrine to those writing Gods (whoever they are, most likely a figment of my imagination, but hey, I’m a writer). Why would I do something so extreme? Three words:


Sorry, I’m not shouting. OK, maybe just a little bit. Forgive me?

Three book deal with Momentum

I’m thrilled to be able to announce that throughout 2015 and into 2016 I’ll be working once again with the fantastic team at Momentum (Pan Macmillan), to bring you the next three books in the series, after The Boyfriend Sessions. It’s going to look something like this (final release dates to be confirmed):Momentum

  • THE PITCH (Maddy’s story): April 2015
  • Scarlett’s story: Late 2015
  • Cate’s story: April 2016

Some real thank you’s are in order

To all those who have helped me on this writing journey so far, whether you’ve critiqued my drafts, cheered me on, included me on your blog, or bought or reviewed my books – a huge thank you.

I’ve written before about how the writing journey is long. It can also be lonely, which is why, jokes aside, I do feel truly blessed to have found a team like Momentum to work with. They’re professional and experienced, not to mention supportive and enthusiastic. And, I certainly don’t feel quite so alone anymore.

When I read back on that blog post now, the part that sticks out the most is ‘to just keep writing.’ What I’ve realized with a bit of time and experience under my belt is that this applies to whatever stage you’re at as a writer. Beginner, emerging or established. It’s first and foremost about the writing.

Right. So, with that in mind, I’ve got a tiny bit of writing to do. Better get back to my WIP…

Oh, and stay tuned!



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