One word at a time

So this is what my to do list looks like at the moment:

  • Part time job: oversee website development of approximately seven or so clients / websites
  • Family: spend time with my husband and son; cook, clean, washing, blah, blah, boring, mundane . . . you get the gist; organise my son on a daily basis. The complexity of this cannot be underestimated. He’s in Grade 1 and rather forgetful. Clean fish tank so fish don’t die. Also, try not to neglect extended family.
  • Writing: promo for the release of The Pitch, which involves the writing of numerous guest blog posts and contacting reviewers etc; keep up to date on my author blog; social media; write the fourth book in the City Love series
  • Social life: um, what social life? OK, it’s not that dire, but still.
  • Exercise: three sessions a week, not negotiable (for sanity reasons). For me, exercise is great stress relief and helps me focus.

Detailing this list is not an attempt to humble brag. Whatever the breakdown is, the point is we all lead busy lives.

In truth, I like to be busy. I’m more productive. I’m one of those strange people who actually (mostly) likes deadlines and projects. You can read more about The Power of Deadlines here.

But, occasionally – like now – when I’ve got a book due to launch and I’m trying to do everything else, you have a moment. You know those moments?

OMG how on earth am I going to find time to write?

Perhaps this is a constant state for you. I feel for you, I really do. Writing is hard at the best of times, but finding time to fit it in is usually one of the toughest challenges.

In one of the guest blog posts I’m pulling together at the moment I was asked if I have a writing motto or mantra. Yes, I do, and it’s really simple:


Some weeks it might be less than others, and that’s OK. All that matters is you keep putting words on the page. One by one, eventually they’ll add up.

It’s how I’ve written four books, and how I’ll write the next one.

One word at a time

It’s a good lesson in life really. No, you can’t do it all, all at once. But you can break things down into manageable chunks and chew little bits off one by one (if you’re of the ‘bite off more than you can chew and chew like crazy’ variety).

Somebody needs to tell this kitty he needs a knife . . .

Bite off more than you can chew

How about you? Is finding time for writing a constant struggle? And what’s your strategy?

One Reply to “One word at a time”

  1. Some weeks are easier than others. As long as I find at least a few minutes I consider the week a success and make the most of my weeks that aren’t quite so overbooked.

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