Meet Paul from The Pitch

My publisher, Momentum, asked me to do a Leading Man guest post on Paul from The Pitch for their website.

I think I complained about this job the last time around when I had to write about Max from The Boyfriend Sessions.

Will the hard work ever stop?

The Pitch: leading man Paul Neilsen

It’s tough when you’re a career-obsessed woman like Madeleine Spencer. She’s gone four years without a partner because she’s been focused on building her marketing agency, Grounded Marketing. It’s not that she wouldn’t like a relationship, it’s just that she hasn’t got time to waste. And if she’s honest, since the breakdown of her last serious relationship, she hasn’t met a man who could turn her head.

Until she meets Paul Neilsen.









(Today the role of Paul will be played by Daniel Craig).

To learn more about Paul read the full blog post on the Momentum Moonlight site here.

One Reply to “Meet Paul from The Pitch”

  1. My heart is racing! I’m so looking forward to reading it. After falling in love with Max in The Boyfriend Sessions, I’ve no doubt Paul will live up to expectations too. Congratulations 🙂

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