MODERN HEART playlist: how John got into Scarlett’s bloodstream

If you’ve read the blurb for MODERN HEART, or any of the other City Love books, you’ve probably gathered that Scarlett doesn’t really do relationships. Sure, she does men occasionally when the mood strikes but they’re a passing thing and she’s never been in love.

Much to her girlfriends’ exasperation:

“Hear me out,” I suggested. “I’ve never slept with a man who was in love with me—”

“Wait a minute!” Cate cried, slamming her hands down onto the table. “Are you serious?”

My love life and newfound ability to share seemed to have everyone in a very worked up state.

“Completely. I’ve told you all before that’s how I do things. It’s much easier that way. Lust definitely. But not love.”

And then along comes John. Try as she might, Scarlett can’t seem to get him out of her mind. With pretty good reason:


John Hart

She can try to deny it all she likes, but John is different. And he’s gotten into her bloodstream . . .

Bloodstream by Stateless is the second song on the MODERN HEART playlist. Enjoy!


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