MODERN HEART playlist: do big girls cry and play fair?

So it’s fair to say I was listening to Sia a lot when I wrote Scarlett’s story, MODERN HEART. Sia’s popularity aside, her album 1000 Forms of Fear was strikingly relevant to Scarlett’s journey, which is why two more of her songs have made it onto the MODERN HEART playlist.

The first is Fair Game and I loved this song because it spoke about a man who was prepared to see past Scarlett’s games, hurts and protective mechanisms.

I also loved this recent comment from a reviewer, which I think sums things up perfectly:

“I have a crush on John. He was the perfect picture of strong enduring love. He was very patient with Scarlett, but also very clear about what he deserved and expected from their relationship.”

So here’s the lyric video of Sia’s Fair Game:

The other Sia song which was strikingly apt, is Big Girls Cry. Scarlett’s definitely a tough girl with no time for love. She’s also not the sort of woman who cries, but will she be brought to tears in MODERN HEART? Obviously you’ll have to read the book to find out, but here’s Big Girls Cry in the meantime:

Next week we take a trip to New York! Who’s coming with me?

*Photo courtesy of Anil Kumar @Flickr

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