MODERN HEART playlist: a trip to New York!

This week we’re going to New York as I reveal the next two tracks on the MODERN HEART playlist.

In the book, Scarlett is a talented abstract portraiture artist and John makes the mistake of recommending her work to a contact, which lands her an exhibition in New York. Given her passion for art, you’d think Scarlett would be happy, right? Wrong. Take a look:

The snickering intensified into genuine laughter. It might have been funny for them, but it was less amusing to me. John Hart was the reason I was in this predicament in the first place. If he’d kept his Mr. Nice Guy nose out of my business I wouldn’t be facing the most exciting, terrifying opportunity of my artistic career. He’d thought highly enough of me to recommend my artwork to some contacts he knew and it had eventuated in me being offered an exhibition in New York City later this year.

It was a seriously big deal. Like biggest deal of my entire fucking life. And I had him to owe for it.

“You have thanked John, haven’t you?” Maddy asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I had the grace to look sheepish. “In a manner of speaking.”

She sighed. “Which means no. What’s so hard about telling someone thank you, Scarlett?”

And here’s the song that was playing in my head when I wrote the New York scenes. It’s from one of my favourite trance artists, Above & Beyond, featuring Zoe Johnston on vocals, who I just absolutely love.

Which brings me to the next song on the playlist, Good For Me, also by Above & Beyond.

This song kept going around and around in my head as I wrote Scarlett’s story. She’s got so much angst when it comes to learning to trust and love, but this song represents that tiny sliver of hope she sees in John.

Zoe’s voice is absolutely divine and here’s an amazing live acoustic rendition, but I’d also recommend listening to the original mix.

Next week a little more magic as Scarlett fights her feelings for John . . .

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