Introducing John Hart: the leading man in MODERN HEART

Not long now until MODERN HEART will be available on (virtual) bookshelves!

I’m very excited about sharing Scarlett’s story with you, the third in the City Love series.

With only nine days to go, I thought now was a good time to introduce the leading man to you: John Hart.

John Hart’s looks were inspired by a long ago teenage crush: Brandon Lee. The son of Bruce Lee, he was swoon worthy back in the 90’s. He died very tragically on the set of his 1993 movie, The Crow.

John Hart

John Hart is fictionally alive and well though and doesn’t Scarlett know it! She’s having a very hard time ignoring him.


Intrigued? John is the Leading Man of the Month at Momentum Moonlight. Follow the link to learn more about John (complete with pictures!)

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