Will you fall in love with Dave from Wish List?

So there’s less than two weeks to go until Wish List is released and that means I can have lots of fun teasing readers with excerpts!

Today you get to meet leading man, Dave, who’s, ah, ahem, good with his hands 😉

Get your mind out of the gutter! He is actually very good with his hands, a fact our leading lady Cate is finding very distracting:

Wish List 1


Dave is getting some good reviews from book bloggers on Goodreads too:

Cate and Dave’s stilted conversations had me rapt from the start of the story. Dave’s ability to always manage to take Cate by surprise with his shortened vocabulary was awesome 🙂 Talking Books


Hold tight, there’s more to come from Cate and Dave, and some of the other City Love girls, in the next two weeks . . .

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