HEARTBEAT release day and playlist

It’s December 4 in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m so excited that HEARTBEAT is starting to hit digital bookshelves in time for Christmas.

As a bit of a pre-Christmas gift, I’m sharing the HEARTBEAT playlist that is packed with the songs that helped inspire the latest Hollywoods Hearts story.

Here’s a sneak peek:

I’ve got a secret…

Who doesn’t love P!nk, right? Well, P!nk’s song Secrets kicks off the playlist because her lyrics ‘Everybody’s got a secret’ couldn’t be more apt here. Have a listen:

You’re dirty sweet and you’re my girl…

We’re heading back a few decades now to T. Rex’s classic, Get It On, which Gabe, Chloe’s love interest, refers to in the book. He falls for hard Chloe’s sweetness!

It’s your time to fly

It seems appropriate that I included an Avril Lavigne song in this playlist. Like Chloe, Avril came to stardom young and Avril’s 2015 song, Fly, is all about reaching for the stars, which both Chloe and Gabe will need to do if they want to shine.

But watch out for the creeps…

I’m throwing back to another classic, this time from the 90s. Radiohead’s Creep captures some of the more sinister elements that are at play in HEARTBEAT, but you’ll have to read the book to find out exactly what I mean!

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here. Enjoy!


If you didn’t pre-order HEARTBEAT you can buy it now here by following this link.

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