My romantic suspense is almost here!

Wow! How did that happen? Today marks 3 weeks until my stand alone romantic suspense is released.

Oh, wait. I know. Covid happened and all sense of normality went out the window! I hope wherever you are you are keeping safe and healthy.

Here in Australia, we’re quite lucky at the moment. Our infections are under control and we are all starting to come out of our lockdown hibernation. My son is back at school, which is both a relief and kind of strange after having him at home for a couple of months.

A sweet romance story combined with a darker suspense plot

But now that the brain fog as cleared, it’s time to tell you more about my upcoming release!

Set between Sydney and the Hunter Valley, my heroine Juliet has to pretend to be someone else to stay safe. And when winemaker Dan Rhodes starts to have feelings for her, he’s got no idea about Juliet’s former life…

Or the fact that she was married to Sydney’s richest media mogul. Or that there’s a killer on the loose…

A suspense novel with a happy ending – the best kind!

I write a lot of romantic comedy, which I of course love (and I can’t guarantee that there won’t be humour in this novel, because this is me, after all). However, I love writing suspense too (if you haven’t already, check out my Hollywood Hearts series). In this new book, the suspense plot got pretty dark and sinister. But don’t worry, I can still guarantee a happy ending!

DON’T LET ME FORGET releases on June 18 and I’d love it if you pre-ordered a copy. Authors get really excited about that sort of thing. It must be all those hours spent in solitude at a keyboard or something…

Pre-order my romantic suspense book now!

You can head over to the book page here to read more about my upcoming release. Or if you don’t have time for that, you can pre-order below (hint, hint!)

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