It’s release day for Don’t Let Me Forget

Today my stand alone romantic suspense Don’t Let Me Forget releases! It’s the 11th full-length book I’ve released, and seeing those double digits written down makes me feel both a little exhausted as well as proud! So that must mean I need a drink:

I’m especially proud of this novel because I wasn’t quite sure that it would ever be finished. I came up with the idea around four or five years ago, and after writing several chapters, the project stalled. So I did what all good writers do and went and wrote another book, which turned into a series, leaving this one unfinished.

Finally, after I’d completed that series (Hollywood Hearts, in case you’re curious), it felt like the right time to finish this story. And what a story it was! It’s dark in ways my previous series haven’t been, yet super sweet with a love story that made my heart burst at times when I was writing it.

If you’d like a sneak peek of my new release, you can check out my blog post here featuring teasers from the novel. Or if you’re ready to buy (you know you want to!) click the buy button below.

Release day goodies for my readers

But first, release day goodies! As well as a writer, I’m also a musician and I sing vocals in a covers band plus in an acoustic duo. This means music is a big part of my life, so it’s only natural that it becomes a part of my writing too.

Below are a few of the songs that inspired me and became ear worms while I was writing Don’t Let Me Forget. I hope you enjoy (and that goes for the book too!)

Laurel is a British indie musician and the mood of her songs really captured my imagination while I was writing this book. Something about the chorus and making life worth living made me think of Dan and Jet/Juliet:

In the novel, Jet and Dan dance together at a wedding party with this next song playing in the background. It’s a really special moment for them romantically (and I’m not saying any more than that or I’ll ruin it!)

When I heard a rendition of Bruce Springteen’s “I’m On Fire” in the rom com movie Crazy Rich Asians by Soccor Mommy I knew it would have to feature in my book. It’s so lovely that it inspired me to sing our own cover version as part of my acoustic duo! This isn’t the Soccor Mommy version but another one that I found by The Staves that I also love (the harmonies are so beautiful!)

I’m a long time fan of indie rock band the Foals, and around the time I was writing this book, they released a new album. The dark, mysterious vibe of this song really captured the sinister suspense elements of Don’t Let Me Forget. And it’s a seriously sweet bass line. I was lucky enough to hear it played live in Sydney about a year ago, and it’s sad to think that it will be a while before any of us can attend concerts.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoy my new release, and if there’s any other songs that you think would suit the story, I’d love to hear from you.

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After divorcing the heir to a media fortune, Juliet Temple chose to keep her high-profile surname to grow her elite event planning business. But when a young woman is found dead and Juliet is drugged at her latest celebrity party, not even the Temple name can protect her. Unable to remember what happened that night, Juliet finds herself in serious danger.

Juliet retreats to the Hunter Valley, where she becomes Jet Appleton, Rhodes Family Estate’s wedding organiser. Martin Rhodes, winemaker and former detective, is tasked with watching over her, but his son, Dan, knows nothing of Jet’s true identity–which is a problem because he’s the sort of man who deserves her honesty.

As the dark ties holding her to Sydney close in, Jet begins to see her old life–including her controlling ex-husband–in a whole new light. Jet’s longing to return to Sydney is proving to be a dangerous desire, and so are her growing feelings for Dan. But not as dangerous as the killer, who is still watching her every move . . .

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