HEARTBREAKER has made number 1!

HEARTBREAKER is the 7th book I’ve released and as boring as it sounds, I’ve got release day down to something of a routine. Which was why it was amazing to log on this morning and discover that HEARTBREAKER has made number 1 on the Top Paid list for Romance in iBooks Australia!

Thanks to my readers for making heartbreaker no.1 Romance in IBOOKS!

I was lucky enough to have some fantastic pre-release promo this time around thanks to iBooks. They featured HEARTTHROB, the first book in the Hollywood Hearts series, as their Book of the Week in May. It was lovely to pick up some new readers for the series and to read some lovely new reviews. HEARTTHROB made number 1 in the Top Free List during that time and I joked that one day I would make the Top Paid List…

Well, now I’ve done it! HEARTBREAKER has made it to number 2 on the Top Paid list overall, number 1 on the Top Paid list for Romance and number 1 on the Top Paid list for Contemporary Romance!!!

I wouldn’t be there without all my wonderful readers. So a big thank you to all those who have pre-ordered. If you haven’t had the chance to order your copy yet, I’ve included the links again below – hint, hint! πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoy Lena and Marc’s story!

As featured on iBooks!


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