HEARTBREAKER: the playlist

Happy release day! HEARTBREAKER is now available for digital purchase. The second Hollywood Hearts book has a little bit of everything: romance, thrills, the red carpet, Hollywood and more, and I hope you enjoy Lena and Marc’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The music behind HEARTBREAKER

Every time I write a book, music acts as a soundtrack for the plot development and while I write the first draft. As a release day present, I’m sharing with you the songs that inspired HEARTBREAKER.

The song that inspired Lena and Marc’s relationship

‘Collide’ by James Bay perfectly captured the push, pull, initially volatile, relationship between Marc and Lena. Here it is played live.

lena’s song

Missy Higgins is an Australian artist who is known for her heartfelt music and this song called ‘Everyone’s Waiting’ helped me to imagine what it must feel like for Lena behind the scenes as a Hollywood icon.

the inspiration for marc

Marc is one of those characters who is slow to reveal himself. His tough exterior masks the depth of emotion he’s capable of and I loved the lyrics from this Red Hot Chili Peppers song, ‘Dark Necessities.’ It’s a weird video (it’s the Chili Peppers!), but if you listen to the words it speaks about the darker things that drive us on, which rang true for Marc. I won’t tell you anymore than that!

in my blood

This song by The Veronicas came to me later in the book. It was that point when Lena and Marc had a choice: they could keep denying the special connection they had or they could see where it could take them. For two headstrong people, it’s not always easy to admit that the heart is stronger than the head. This song, ‘In My Blood’ captures this sentiment perfectly.

the complete heartbreaker playlist

But that’s not all! There were other songs that provided inspiration for Lena and Marc’s story and you can find the complete HEARTBREAKER playlist here on Spotify.


Haven’t bought HEARTBREAKER yet?


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