Wild Heart sneak peek

Wild Heart releases in a week!!! The final book in my Hollywood Hearts series is guaranteed to be a wild ride because it’s all about Faith, probably one of the toughest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. Even she knows she tough:


But Faith isn’t as tough as she likes to think she is, and one man knows it: Cole Cooper. He’s the only one Faith has ever let into her heart and it may have been more than twenty years, but he hasn’t forgotten Faith:

Faith hasn’t forgotten Cole either, and she knows letting herself have any feelings for him is dangerous–particularly when they are asked to work on the same film together. That’s why Faith want to make it obvious what they had was in the past:

Luckily Cole isn’t easily scared off, and he believes in second chances:


Pre-order Wild Heart now

Pre-order your copy using any of the links below and it will arrive on chosen device on April 15 like magic! I hope you’ll join me for Faith and Cole’s adventure.




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