Live to love. Love to escape.

I write real characters. Characters with flaws (it makes them more lovable, trust me). I challenge them to fall in love and then leave them to pick up the pieces. Sounds cruel? Maybe a bit.

I also let them laugh. Occasionally they cry — and hopefully by the end of the book they’ll know why. And no matter what’s going on in their love lives, they’ve got friendships to see them through.

I hope you’ll escape with me.

Lost in a good book

Review of The Boyfriend Sessions:

“There is a wonderful serious underside to the laughing and the wine and it brings the best out of the narrative. Williams has managed to balance the light heartedness and seriousness wonderfully which has resulted in an engaging and thoughtful story.”

Amy, Lost in a Good Book

For the love of books

Review of The Pitch:

“I loved every moment of this book, the characters are amazing from the leads to the minor characters. Each one has been written well and they are all unique, it makes the story flow and it is extremely addictive.”

Sarah, For the Love of Books


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